TEDxLinz Get-together – International Food & Culture Fair

19:00 / Klub Kantine (neben der Lösehalle), Haus CASABLANCA

TEDxLinz truly has a diverse community. Do you want to learn more about it?


At the next Get-Together (13.03. 7 pm) you have the opportunity to taste your way through the diverse cultures of your fellow TEDxLinz and Tabakfabrik Community members. Co-hosted by Tabakfabrik, the Get-Together takes place at their Klubkantine, providing an ideal space for such a fair. 


Bring your favourite dish/fingerfood/snack (from your home country or region) and/or create a small piece of media about your culture, country, or region (flipchart, poster, video,…) to show at the Get-Together.


The aim is to create a potluck of delicacies and cultural delights.


Everyone is welcome (Internationals, Austrians, those who can cook, those who don’t (& like to eat)). We are looking forward to a great International Food & Culture Fair!


When and where:

TEDxLinz Get-together – International Food & Culture Fair

13. March 2024 – 19.00 h

Klubkantine (nearby Lösehalle) Tabakfabrik


For organisational purposes we kindly ask you to register here.  Details will be provided by email.

The event is co-hosted by Tabakfabrik LInz.



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