SILK Fluegge Guests

20:00 / Bau 3


Passion to move…
They have in common.
2 performers share their emotions through honest and pure physicality. Same thoughts produce different movements because they trigger different and individual emotions. Natural duality is explored. Whenever there is an interaction, there is a representation of the actual state of mind and body.
Performance and choreography:  Jerca Rožnik Novak & Veronika Tokoly

Jessie & James 

(work in progress)

„Sometimes it’s hard to see the good from the bad. In these moments it is important to stay open. And sometimes… Sometimes you realize these things mean nothing and all you have is a wet floor. If your first thought was I might slip and fall and die, you are in the wrong place. Because in a relationship it is an absolute possibility that you might slip and fall and die. But if you know this, and still want to be with this person…”
Performance and choreography: Anni Taskula & Gergely Dudás

lucrare în curs [rum.] a work in progress 

A performance about personal growth and chilling your nipples.
Family and origins. Love and loss. Self-reflection. Who am I, where do I come from and where do I want to go?
A poetry-filled journey to the 21-year-old self of a young woman.
Idea and performance: Adelina Nita
Visuals: Alessa Wolfram
Text: Adelina Nita
Music: Barna Gal


Eingang via L1 Ludlgasse im Eingangsbereich Bau3 im Erdgeschoss


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