Great Day for PPC Automation

08:00 / Bau 1 EG / Pop-up Mall, Bau 1 EG / Lösehalle

Putting advertisers back in the driver’s seat

Learnings from the past two years of AI-driven paid search

Have you found yourself worrying that recent developments in paid search automation are taking away your control rather than supporting you in keeping it? Since the last Great Day in 2017, we’ve seen advertisers, especially retailers, become increasingly concerned. How smart is smart bidding? How big of an account is too big for efficiently scaled automation?

This year, we will hear first-hand from retailers who have worked with automation, struggled with it, come to terms with some things and found ways of solving others. You’re invited to take part in discussions and listen to PPC pros from various industries as they recount their experiences – and we are certain that you will be more at ease once the day is done.


  • Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2019 // 8 – 23 Uhr
  • Lösehalle, Pop-up Mall und SMEC
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