Bau 1 / Stiege A

Based upon the slogan “Fresh at the kiosk” and inspired by takeaway culture, the project “kiosque” operates with this sociocultural potential, thus detecting urban concerns and wishes. kiosque doesn’t wait until a task shows itself, but acts intuitively and from the perception of possibilites.

Solely by its presence and function as a mobile takeaway, the kiosque commences communicating with its surrounding and its users. Qualities and deficiencies in the empty-space-urban-space can be explored. A discarded Steyr Daimler City Bus (year of manufacture: 1978) is transformed into an emergency vehicle to revive spaces.
Different functions, built in as flexible installations, are implemented into the vehicle, so flexible reactions to diverse situations become possible. The “inner life” of the kiosque shall grow on a trial basis.

Players: Clemens Bauder, Andreas Dworschak, Claus Ganzberger, Gregor Graf, Aron Rynda, Christoph Weidinger, Jörg Weidinger, Luis Wohlmuther, Jürgen Haller

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Photo: Florian Voggeneder

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