Guided Tours

Foto Karin Hackl und Tabakfabrik

The Tabakfabrik is a factory for ideas and the centerpiece of Linz‘s lively business and creative scene. Various companies and communities are represented in Tabakfabrik, which together form an active and unique community and thus a breeding ground for innovation. In bringingtogether enterprises, creativity, new technologies and the start-up scene, Tabakfabrik is a nationally and internationally inspiring lighthouse project.


Tours and Rates

Guided Tour

For those interested to learn about the history and future of the tobacco factory.

Experience the site on a 1.5-hour guided tour. We‘ll open doors to the innovation area of the Strada del Startup for you and take a look at the Grand Garage educational workshops. Along the Behrensband you will find various institutions and the Schaudepot of the Lentos Art Museum.
In Haus FALK you will get an impression of the Art Magazin, where artists and creative industries are located.


Up to 10 persons € 150.- / net,
from 10 persons € 15.- / net per person
(max. 30 persons in one group)
plus 20 % value added tax.


Deep Dive

For people and groups who want to delve a little deeper into the development of the former tobacco factory into an innovation center.

With this guided tour we address delegations or groups who want to learn more about the concept and vision of the Tabakfabrik, as well as the topics of innovation, creativity, future technologies and new working environments. Depending on your interests, we visit selected locations, institutions and companies on the site. Therefor we will take about 2 hours’ time for you.


Up to 10 persons € 150.- / net,
from 10 persons € 15.- / net per person
(max. 30 persons in one group)
plus 20 % value added tax.


Directors Tour

For individuals and groups who are interested in a personal insight into the management of Tabakfabrik.

We are particularly addressing individuals, delegations or groups who would like to have a direct exchange with the Chief of Strategic Development, Denise Halak, or the Chief Financial Director, Markus Eidenberger. You will gain a first-hand insight into the development and vision of the Tabakfabrik. Depending on your interests, we will visit selected locations, institutions, and companies together, as well as the Linzer Bier brewery on site. The management will take about 2 hours exclusively for you. Costs: Only on request


Learning Journey

This guided tour is intended for individuals and groups who want to immerse themselves in a specific topic at the Tabakfabrik. We create a program tailored to your interests with selected partners, companies, or institutions.


Technology or maker education workshops (laser cutting, 3D printing, glass blowing, lectures on education in a technological context and much more) in the Grand Garage

Keynotes on “Coworking”, “New Work”, “Startup” and “Corporate Innovation” in the factory300

Insights into the startup ecosystem of the Tabakfabrik

Keynotes on entrepreneurship, innovation, and business start-ups in the Startrampe der Sparkasse OÖ

Insights into the department for “Creative Robotics” or the “Tangible Music Lab” of the Kunstuniversität Linz

Keynotes on topics such as “Revitalization of Buildings”, “Innovation Ecosystem Tabakfabrik”, “Community Development in Innovation Ecosystems”, or “Strategic Development Tabakfabrik”, etc.


The Learning Journey always starts with a Guided Tour at the Tabakfabrik, followed by the selective curated program.
Costs: Only on request.


Additional Packages

By prior arrangement and depending on availability, you can also book a 30-minute exclusive guided tour at the Grand Garage technology education lab or the factory300 innovation hub for an extra € 80 / net flat rate on top of the Guided Tour, the Deep Dive, or the Directors Tour.


Cancellation conditions:

Up to 14 days before the start of the tour, 50% and thereafter 100% of the agreed total fee (incl. VAT) is due for payment.


Bookings by Mail: