Creative Region Linz & Upper Austria

Whether design, multimedia, architecture, advertising, graphic design, music industry, publishing, game industry, film industry – creative industry is a widely cited future branch with great significance for social, cultural and economic developments. With the CREATIVE REGION initiative, the city of Linz and the federal province of Upper Austria support the growth and success of the creative branch, thus positioning Linz and Upper Austria as a location of creativity. The CREATIVE REGION is first and foremost a hub with and for people and communities in the creative industry.

The Creative Region is an information and service platform, an idea and project workshop and a networking society for the consolidation of the creative industry. They have consciously chosen different ways. Using program formats from the creative scene, they adapt their program specifically to their client. The conception of their activities is just as important to them as its content. Not only “what” matters, but also “how”!

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