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Buildings and cities reach their optimum if they are worthy to users, investors and neighbours equally. Physical as well as ideallly. The only condition ist the wish for singularity.

Architecure and city planning by Kleboth Lindinger Dollnig thrives exactly by that. Examining the actual conditions, finding potential, defining the optimum – in a clearly structured process they develop concepts for living and working. As partners of investors and constructors they present individual solutions for complex tasks – custom-made, surprising, expressive and integrative,

wir individuelle Lösungen für komplexe Aufgaben –  überraschend, ausdrucksstark und integrativ, steady in their flexibility as well as responsible on the long-term. Architecture is more than a single building, more than a room, a house, a project. The best function you cannot perceive. Function is the effective strucutre of buildings, cities and regions. If these are successful, function and its performance are better than the average.

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