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The AXIS Linz – Coworking Loft: A room for inspiration,  exchanging thoughts as well as secluded, focused working.
Extraordinary office facilities, initiated by Albert Ortig (Netural Group), Michael Badics and Iris Mayr.

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Pioneers wanted!

Freelancers, self-employed workers, companies from diverse branches – everyone can find a home at the AXIS Linz Coworking Loft. Coworking here means flexible work in a cool and decent location. From the daily ticket to the monthly membership, there are diverse time models. Start-ups bring fresh air to the office, especially the ones that wish to communicate and are searching for input. 500 m2 of space are available, in the middle of Behren’s ingenious architecture. Curious?

Up-to-date deadlines for inspection and informative meetings, prices and more details.
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Photo: Florian Pfusterer/Axis Linz
(Release exklusively for Tabakfabrik Linz)

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